Meet Hasty VPN 1.0 – Your New Protection

Introducing the latest in ethical and hassle free virtual protection services: Hasty VPN is a simple and ready to use program that only requires a simple installation process. Download Hasty VPN today and protect yourself from online strangers now!


No Log Policy

Hasty VPN takes a firm stance on standing against the idea of selling user metadata. This will help develop better trust standards across the internet.


Open to Everyone

Hasty VPN promises to keep its program free and only ask of donations. We plan to keep the project alive with future ads and premiums services such as server-hosting.


To the Windows… To the Firewall

Hasty VPN plans on making their program Windows compatible in V.2.0. Other OS implementation will depend on user feedback and demand.

Why we are the best

Features and Specs

Everything you need to know for a better VPN.

IP Config

Manage and configure your IP in a matter of seconds with the IP CONFIG feature. Simply press the button, and enter promptly.

TCP Dump

Analyze network traffic by intercepting and displaying packets that are being created or received by the computer it’s running on in just the click of a button!

Fast & Easy

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and follow the simple instructions! Protect yourself from creepy and dangerous internet stalkers now!

Why we are the best

What our clients think about us now

It’s so easy… my grandma loves using Hasty VPN!

Frequently Asked Questions:


Will there be any server hosted VPNs?

Server hosted functionality is currently being worked on for version 2.0 of the Hasty VPN client.


Is there any Support?

Yes, please reach out to for further assistance and trouble shooting.


Where can I Donate?

You can donate by scrolling to the bottom of the page and looking for the donation link. It will take you to a page with a Bitcoin wallet address. We greatly appreciate any help from our users!

but wait, there’s more…


  • The Team

    The team behind Hasty VPN originated from a Capstone Project at California State University Channel Islands. Consisting of three key members: Weston Goldberg, Armen Parsadanyan, and Daniel Berberian. Weston with a background in Computer Science had initially pitched the idea behind designing and implementing a Virtual Protection Network, where Daniel and Armen gladly joined to in order to help expand their educations in Information Technology. This was a great project to help introduce the members to more advanced forms of Cyber Security developments. After two long semesters of hard work, the team at Hasty VPN gladly launches their first product Version 1.0 for all Linux users!

    We’d like to also mention that anyone looking for information about the team mentioned above should visit the bottom of the main page, where they can find useful links such as their LinkedIn profiles.

    The Hasty VPN team would also like to thank Dr.Reza Abdolee, Professor Kevin Scrivnor, and Shane Mcdonough for the assistance they have provided.


  • A Hasty Video

    This is just filler text until we actually film a video of some sort


  • Capstone Poster


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